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  • Nannette Newbury

Is a Puppy or Adult Best for You?

Most of us long for the day when we can get our Aussie puppy. We look forward to puppy breath, puppy play, puppy messes and destruction? Yes, well there is that! If you are looking for the FIRST time at an Australian Shepherd, or are perhaps older, I recommend that you consider an adolescent or adult dog. I know you want the puppy thing, but keep in mind that this is not an easy or forgiving breed to raise in adulthood properly. While you may be drawn to their "smarts," it is not always a blessing. You are active, so you want an active dog...well be careful what you wish for. Oftentimes an older, trained and socialized Aussie is a great option...if you you can find one. With the success of nation-wide breed rescue, you will not likely find a well-bred purebred Aussie at your local shelter. You can however find incredible Aussies from preservation breeders. These are dogs that the breeder has selected as the pick of that litter; a dog with great potential to contribute to future generations. But...they do not all turn out. These unique dogs can become an incredible opportunity for you. They are often fully trained (leash, crate) well socialized and ready to move into a permanent spoiled-rotten home.

Still longing for a puppy? You will miss NOTHING with your adolescent or adult Aussie. This is a breed that stays playful their entire lives; and they readily bond with their new family will miss out on "accidents" on your carpets, your best pair of shoes chewed into oblivion and months of training classes. You will also save a ton of

money on puppy vaccinations and puppy veterinary care. Remember...these dogs may be hard to find. The best way is to establish a relationship with a specific breeder, let them know what you are looking for and keep in touch with them. Breeders make decisions to place these dogs as pets at any time.

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