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  • Nannette Newbury

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Groomer!

Australian Shepherds are known for their "wash and wear" double coat. This unique coat style literally repels mud and dirt. An Aussie with a typical coat can run in the water, play in the mud, literally resembling "PigPen." DON'T hose them off or bath them. Just wait, let them dry and "voila," they will be clean again. In order for this purposeful double coat to do its job, you as an Aussie owner have one of your own...BRUSH YOUR DOG. If you do not have time to keep their coats brushed out, I am usually correct in saying, "you do not have time for your dog." Do you brush your teeth daily? Do you take your medications/supplements on schedule? Do you bath regularly. Well, then you can "schedule" a weekly brushing of your Aussie. And you should do so anyway. It is a good bonding experience and you can keep track of any injuries, bites, sores, etc. When you keep your Aussie brushed out on a regular basis, the coat will be able to correctly insulate your dog from HEAT and COLD. No more trips to the grooming parlor to get an Aussie "puppy cut," or trim the feathering on the rear legs. Repeated shaving of the coat can actually cause long-term harm to the coat.

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