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  • Nannette Newbury

Clean Teeth

Clean teeth and healthy gums are an important factor in the health and longevity our our Aussies. It probably will not surprise you that Veterinary Dentistry is the largest growing part of veterinary medicine. But, there is a way to avoid that cost and the trauma of putting your dog under anesthesia and still achieve clean pearly white teeth. Raw feeders have known for years that one of the benefits of switching to a healthy raw diet is a gorgeous shiny coat...and clean white teeth. I am still amazed at the number of positive long-term health effects of feeding raw and yet owners still shy away from an obvious solution. And some dogs, like us humans, are not born with great teeth. They tend to gather tarter and have dirty teeth at quite a young age, especially on a kibble diet. I recommend a product called PlaqueOff. It is an all-natural powder that you sprinkle on your dog's food daily. And Voila! Clean teeth without brushing or costly vet appointments.

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