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  • Nannette Newbury

Aussies Have Hair!

Lots of it. The Australian Shepherd is known for its wonderful double coat that offers protection from weather extremes, both heat and cold. Great for the dog, however it can be overwhelming for pet owners. The biggest mistake I see currently is Aussies being sent to "grooming salons" and returning with their front and rear "feathering" cut off. But I am also seeing dogs returning from the shop bathed, but not correctly and fully brushed out. Recently a dog came to me for boarding, clean as a whistle and the hair cut. When I went to bath and groom the dog for his return home, I was stunned to see matts on his underbelly so thick that I had to use clippers to shave them off. Matts are uncomfortable for the dog; can hide fleas and bacteria, can cover up wounds and deo not proved the protection that the coat was developed for. The double-coat requires brushing to keep it free of tangles. LOTS of brushing. You should be able to run a long comb easily through both coats!

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